CryptoKitties Guide

CryptoKitties Guide for Collecting and Breeding Digital Cats

New to CryptoKitties? follow this guide to becoming a new digital cat owner and breeder!

CryptoKitties Beginners Tutorial video to get you started

What are CryptoKitties?

Cryptokitties is one of the World's first blockchain games, launched 28th November 2017 on the Ethereum cryptocurrency network.

You can learn to breed the rarest kittens to create your purrrrrrfect friend! Take a look at our Starter Kittens page to see some of the cheaper CryptoKittens.

The kittens have different visual features and traits, known as Cattributes, and some of these are rarer than others.

Most players are trying to breed their cats as buying them can get very expensive, a particularly rare kitty was sold recently for more than $100,000!

Meet Genesis, the $100,000 Cryptokitty

genesis kitten
Genesis Kitten #1

This very special kitten, called Genesis was CryptoKitties first kitten number 1 created 23rd November 2017 at 6:19 a.m.

Genesis was sold on the 2nd December 2017 at 8.32 p.m. for Ξ 246.92 which at the current USD to Ethereum exchange rate of $487 is about $120,304 US Dollars.

How to buy Cryptokitties?

Buy Ethereum at Coinbase

To buy CryptoKitties you need to have a popular cryptocurrency called Ethereum, this is the only means to pay for kitties since they are on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is also referred to as Ether, Ethers and ETH. The currency symbol is Ξ

You can find the latest ETH exchange rate at

We suggest you start with a $100 (or your local currency equivalent) of Ethereum. We started with $50 but soon found ourselves having to get more, as you will probably want to buy more than 1 cat so that you can breeding them.

Where to buy Ethereum?

To buy Ethereum, open an account at Coinbase

You will need to verify your identity, just like you would when opening a bank account, however, this is an online process and was quite easy to do

Once your account is open, buy some Ethereum. It will be credited to your ETH wallet on Coinbase.

To pay for your Crytpokitties from your web browser you need a browser plug-in called MetaMask

Create an account at MetaMask

Go to

and download their Chrome browser extension. The only alternative is to install a whole new web browser application called Brave.

Guide to using MetaMask

This video will guide you o what MetaMask is and how to use it

You need to transfer your Ethereum from your Coinbase wallet to your MetaMask wallet.

You now have ETH ready to buy some Cryptokitties!

Guide on how to create a CryptoKitties account

Go to

This is the official CryptoKitties website. You can't do much there without an account.

Click on the Start Meow button and follow the prompts to create your account. You have to be logged into your MetaMask account.

Once your account is created, go to the CryptoKitties Marketplace to look for kittens you wish to buy.

The cheapest kittens will have slow speeds and common traits. It is worth buying a couple of the cheaper ones to get used to the process but take your time before depleting all your Ethers.

Where to find CryptoKitties Prices in USD, EUR and GBP?

We provide links to the CryptoKitties marketplace on some of our pages with price indications in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) and UK Pounds (GBP).

It is important to understand that Ethereum (ETH) is the ONLY payment method you can use to purchase kittens, we simply provide a calculated ETH to local currency estimate to make it easier for you understand the cost of each kitten. For example, a kitten you are interested in showing For sale at Ξ 0.0211. So how much is that? * confused * ?

If you are not used to looking any Cryptocurrency prices it can be a bit confusing so we show a price calculated as follows:

1 ETH at current market rate is $457.62 * 0.0211 ETH for this particular kitten is about $9.65 US Dollars.

The price of Ethereum can fluctuate a lot so check the price regularly and watch for dips, it will make your ETH purchase / cat costs cheaper.

Use to check the cost before we post bids, especially on large purchases. Change the "USD" at the end of the weblink to see it in your local currency.

When you are trying to scan hundreds of potentials kittens for sale, that's a lot to figure out so we do it for you! Just go to the right-hand sidebar and take a look through the different sales pages. Click on any kitten image to go to the page on and place a bid. If you win, please post it on your social media and mention ... Thank You!

Don't forget you will be charged a transaction fee on the ETH network on top of your purchase price of the kitten, this is called the "Gas Price".

What are the recommend Gas Prices?

recommended gas prices

The best place to check what you should be paying is the Ethereum Gas Station at:

Gas is priced in GWEI - which means Gas Weighted Price. The price of one unit of gas is decided by the Ethereum network miners.

You need to become familiar with the image above which is middle right of the website homepage at ETH Gas Station.

  • SafeLow is the cheapest you can pay to have a hope your ETH transaction is processed.
  • Standard is the regular price for ETH Gas
  • Fast is what you probably need to pay to secure your kitten bids.

A lot of game players are upping their transaction fees to improve their chance of securing the bid, so you may want to do the same. Just increment or enter a higher amount in the MetaMask pop-up window when it asks you to submit your bid.

gas price

CryptoKitties Safety Tips

The official CryptoKitties website is please ensure that you are in that exact domain to play the game.

CryptoKitties will NEVER ask for your private cryptocurrency wallet key, do not give this to anyone - they will have full access to your funds and can transfer them to somewhere else.

Your address (public key) is used as your login credentials on the game website, just login into MetaMask then go to the site and start playing.

CryptoKitties don't support any 3rd party appraisal tools, such as the CryptoKitties Chrome Browser Extensions, especially if they provide a recommended buy/sell price.