CryptoKitties Chrome Extensions

What are CryptoKitties Chrome Extensions?

There are new extensions being created every day now that can provide additional functionality to you when using the website via the Google Chrome Browser.

Free CryptoKitties Chrome Extension from Kitty Explorer

The latest FREE CryptoKitties Chrome Extension can be found at cryptokitties-kittyexplor

Watch this video guide on what the Kitty Explorer Chrome Extension does:

To install go to the Chrome Store

Free CryptoKitties Chrome Extension from Crypto Kitties (unofficial)


This is an unofficial extension for

😺 Show cattributes on any cat grid
😺 Show number of cats with this cattribute

Go to Chrome Store and install:

GitHub: PR-s welcome.

Kitty Helper

Kitty Helper is your one stop shop for upgrading your experience on the Crypto Kitties platform.

Keep ahead of the competition with a custom rarity scoring algorithm, convert prices to USD on hover, and view every kitties rarest traits instantly.

The author states this is currently a Beta release but stay tuned as many more features are coming soon!

So far 972 people are using the Chrome Extension.

Get it here

CryptoKitties Ultimate Chrome Extension $3.99

To purchase go to the Chrome Store

We have not tested this but the author states the follow features:

Determines rare catributes, converts price to USD, price filtering and more!

FREE to try for 10 minutes. If you don't like it you can cancel and get your money back.

UNLIKE other free Chrome extensions on the store, this one will update the rarity stats on a daily basis so you know the true rarity plus new features.


  • Automatic conversion to USD from ETH
  • Price filtering (set a max price and see only those Kitties for sale/sire that cost less)
  • Rare trait highlighter and add in percentage
  • Adds summary in the Kitten list page for Marketplace and Breed pages (so you don't have to go into each one).
  • This will give traders / breeders more information about a particular Kitten.
    • Traits that are more than 15 % will be highlighted RED
    • Traits that are from 5% to 15% rare will be highlighted in YELLOW
    • Traits that are from 1% to 5% are highlighted GREEN
    • Traits that occur less than 1% are highlighted GOLD

You can change the percentages in the settings.

Kitty Extension TamperMonkey Free Script

Gives color-coded rarity info by hovering and more.

CryptoKitties Tampermonkey Script

Another way is to use this script on GitHub however, it requires you to first install a Chrome Extension called Tamper Monkey.

Download it often as they make updates almost daily.


• Requires Tampermonkey chrome extension or Firefox add-on
• Create a new Tampermonkey script inside the Dashboard, remove the existing code and then paste the script code inside. After that you just need to save it and reload the kitty site.

Color rarity:

  • Pink: ultra rare
  • Orange: very rare
  • Purple: rare
  • Blue: uncommon
  • White: common

Copyright (c) 2017 HaJaeKyung the Author. You can thank them (not us) by sending any ether or kitties. This would be appreciated and help motivate them to add new features. HaJaeKyung address for donations: 0x221F890d45213B100c90F50a4509943156EcBFf5